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A Broker In Your Corner: Vehicle Financing

  • Category: Insider, Equipment Finance, Business Finance
A popular form of car finance is a chattel mortgage, similar to a secured car loan but for business vehicles. Recently, Westminster National broker Ryan Tripi achieved an ...
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What Is The Instant Asset Write-Off And Why Is It Important?

  • Category: Business Articles, Equipment Finance, Business Finance
In light of recent legislative changes, we have updated our original blog on the instant asset write-off (posted on 27/02/19). Read on to find out if your business could benefit ...
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A Broker In Your Corner: Residual Stock Funding

  • Category: Business Articles, Insider, Commercial Property Loans
Westminster National Finance broker Don Tapper, who specialises in property development financing, recently achieved a great outcome for a new developer client.
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A Broker Can Take The Stress Out Of Upgrading Your Home

  • Category: Home Loans, Insider
If you already own a home, you may think that upgrading it is a walk in the park. After all, you’ve already been there, done that.
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How To Borrow For A Home Loan Without All The Hassle

  • Category: Home Loans, Business Articles
If you can’t provide all the documentation banks need, then you may be wondering how to finance a home loan. All isn’t lost. There are still avenues available to borrow money even ...
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The Future Of Finance Broking Following The Banking Royal Commission

  • Category: Business Articles, Insider
  Q&A with David Devenish, CEO, Westminster National Finance Brokers. Recommendations have now been made public following the banking Royal Commission. These included ...
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The Top 4 Mistakes SMEs Make With Business Finance

  • Category: Business Articles, Business Finance
The financial success of an SME is largely determined by its ability to generate income, pay expenses and mitigate risks. This formula seems simple on the surface but many SMEs ...
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Shadow Banks Grabbing Market Share In Australia

  • Category: Home Loans, Business Articles
With offers of lower rates, easier terms and cash incentives, non-bank lenders (or shadow banks) are growing home loan market share at four times the rate of their mainstream ...
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The Future of Finance Broking

  • Category: Insider
Barely a day has gone by over the past few months without some pretty sensational media surrounding misconduct in the banking industry.
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Builders and Developers - Will Commercial Property Finance Get Easier?

  • Category: Business Articles, Commercial Property Loans
Developers in Western Australia have been struggling to get commercial property finance to fund new apartment developments in recent years. Banks are wanting presales in the range ...
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