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The Top 4 Mistakes SMEs Make With Business Finance

  • Category: business finance, Business Articles and Resources
The financial success of an SME is largely determined by its ability to generate income, pay expenses and mitigate risks. This formula seems simple on the surface but many SMEs ...
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Shadow Banks Grabbing Market Share In Australia

  • Category: Home Loans, Business Articles and Resources
With offers of lower rates, easier terms and cash incentives, non-bank lenders (or shadow banks) are growing home loan market share at four times the rate of their mainstream ...
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The Future of Finance Broking

  • Category: Insider
Barely a day has gone by over the past few months without some pretty sensational media surrounding misconduct in the banking industry.
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Builders and Developers - Will Commercial Property Finance Get Easier?

  • Category: Commercial Property Loans, Business Articles and Resources
Developers in Western Australia have been struggling to get commercial property finance to fund new apartment developments in recent years. Banks are wanting presales in the range ...
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How to reignite passion for your job and boost employee engagement

  • Category: Insider, Business Articles and Resources
Do you stride into work each morning with a spring in your step and a sense of excitement about the day ahead? Do your employees?
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Which is more financially viable: relocate, renovate or rebuild?

  • Category: Home Loans, Commercial Property Loans
Properties in Perth are entering prime renovation age and many homeowners with substantial equity are considering renovating to improve their lifestyle.
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The age old property clock - is it time to call your finance broker?

  • Category: Home Loans, Commercial Property Loans
When you’re buying or selling property, timing the market right can mean saving tens of thousands of dollars. Get it wrong and you’ll be on the losing end of the deal. One way you ...
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Generating new leads in a Google first world

  • Category: Insider, Business Articles and Resources, business finance
Generating new leads for your business in 2018 is the #1 marketing challenge for most businesses.
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Securing a loan is easier with a 'broker behind you'

  • Category: Home Loans, Commercial Property Loans, Insider
Whether you’re refinancing, investing, expanding your business or buying your first home, having a finance broker to assist you in this process can make things a lot smoother.
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Flex commission bans - will it lead to more broker business?

  • Category: Equipment Finance, business finance, Insider
In Sept 2017 ASIC formally banned flex commissions in the car finance market with legislation commencing on 1 November 2018.
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